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Notes on whuppin’ death Interesting

Notes on whuppin’ death

How elegant it is to be a carving of one’s own words. ~ Shamis Tabrizi, Sufi WandererIT WAS 1954. The girl was 14. She came home from high school to what seemed to be an empty house. The blinds were drawn. The television, for once, was off. Her mother was not on the living-room couch, a post she had been taking with alarming frequency.

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Introducing Matador Ambassadors Miscellaneous

Introducing Matador Ambassadors

A collective of world-class athletes, photojournalists, filmmakers, musicians, artists, and writers, Matador Ambassadors will bring original, inspiring projects to Matador and a global network of brands, DMOs, and host countries.AS PRO JOURNOS, FILMMAKERS, PHOTOGS, AND WRITERS know, there are inevitably vignettes, film parts, characters, shots, interviews, and other random pieces of media that, for whatever reason, never make it to final publication.

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22 things we miss about travel before 9/11 Collections

22 things we miss about travel before 9/11

It’s not just convenience in an airport, 9/11 changed our relationships to place and other people.THOSE OF US BORN BEFORE 1990 or so know that travel didn’t always feel like it does now. It’s not as evident with ground transportation, but if you fly from any major airport in the US, or anytime you fly internationally, it’s as if everything has become charged.

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On the edge of winter: 22 days in the Grand Canyon [PICs] Interesting

On the edge of winter: 22 days in the Grand Canyon [PICs]

Matador Ambassador Henry Munter Recently spent 22 days in November rafting and kayaking through the Grand Canyon and brought back this gallery to give us a glimpse of the majestic canyon on the edge of winter.1Self portraitsFloating, Running our raft through Horn Rapid, Charging my gps on a hike to the Tabernacle with the Goal Zero, and Kayaking Lava Falls, the river’s trademark rapid.

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A panorama of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb Miscellaneous

A panorama of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb

Sometimes, extreme measures are required to put an end to terrible conflicts.Still, I find it heartbreaking and disturbing to picture a whole city being wiped out in order to pay for the atrocities committed by power-hungry leaders.What you see below is a 360-degree panoramic view of Hiroshima in Japan, after the atomic bomb “Little Boy” was dropped in August 1945.

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How to say “I love you” in 100 languages Interesting

How to say “I love you” in 100 languages

“I love you” sounds nice in every language.I’M NOT SURE what’s more obnoxious: the endless images of flower bouquets adorned in pink and red littering my Facebook news feed, or all the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment.I, however, have chosen to put aside my bitterness for one day. This morning, my roommate Matt knocked on my bedroom door while I was still sleeping.

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